Monday, September 13, 2010

Among the many other things that occupy my time I've been making lots of time for beading. I've always loved it but I've been getting much more interested in it lately. I'm excited for the cooler weather. I love to craft while we watch movies at night. 

One of my barefoot sandals. I love this things. The beads are silver and just a bit iridescent. Definitely the most complicated thing I've ever made. All the pieces were made at the same time because I knew I would be unable to join them later. If I ever make more barefoot sandals I'll need a bigger loom. The one I have is barely, barely big enough for my foot. 

You can see the beads better from this view. Gorgeousness. I bought them up in the most amazing bead shop in Frankenmuth, MI. The store was a little bit of heaven on earth. 

I loved the beads so much that I made this one for Jillian. I'll give it to her for her birthday next month. I also made a bracelet for Jana's birthday. But I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to her. I'll be making Jennifer one as well in the next few months. I have a beautiful variegated purple picked out for her. Something as simple as this I can easily do in an hour. 

This is Patrick's bracelet. I had to remake it for him. I'm also working on rebeading Michael's bracelet. Those boys have the worst luck. I've never had a bracelet break like they do. This one takes closer to two hours so it's a substantial chunk of time. 

And this one. This is my baby. I made this one more than four years ago and I wear it almost everyday. Sadly it's beginning to fray as you can see so I'm having to be more selective about when I wear it. This one though. It took a very long time. Almost as much time as the bracelet I made for Joel. Mini Jamaican flags all in a row, separated by bands of white. Once again I forgot to photograph it before I gave it to him. That one I will get a photograph of though. It's too impressive not to.