Run 2015:
Another year, more runs. I don't know what this year will look like yet (no Huff 50K for sure) but I know it'll be awesome!


Run 2014:
Although I didn't talk about it much, in 2012 we trained extensively for a race that Justin and I both injured out of and were not able to run. In 2014 we trained for and ran that race; The Huff 50K! Here's how our training went.

Week 4 recap
Plans and Goals, Vol 1
Week 5 recap
Weeks 6-8 recap 
Week 9 recap
Week 10 recap
Week 11 recap 
Week 12 recap
Week 13 recap 
Weeks 14-20 recap 
Weeks 21-27 recap 
Pre Half Marathon Brain Dump 
Half Marathon recap 
Weeks 28-30 recap 
Weeks 31-33 recap 
Week 34 recap 
Weeks 35 & 36
Weeks 37 & 38 
Pre Huff 50K Thoughts
Huff 50K!!!

Running posts from 2012:

My first real race
My favourite winter running gear

My early thoughts on running (from 2010):

Deciding that I want to start running
Preliminary research
Making excuses

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