Friday, December 2, 2011

2 December

It's fascinating how much difference a few years can make. Two years ago our christmas living room looked like this.  We unpacked all those boxes not too long after christmas. There are two bikes hanging in our living room now. Mine's on the other side of the christmas tree. You can just see the edge of my helmet stick out. Our tree grew also! We now have a four foot tree that stores really smally. The larger frame is one of my christmas presents from last year. Justin gave me a collage of Mandelbrot Sets! One of my favourites.  And, well, this is still pretty much my favourite spot in the house!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

1 December

It's finally December! Only 24 days until Christmas! The first few presents are under the tree and it's already killing me. Luckily I'll have plenty to distract me for a few weeks. Finals are rapidly approaching and I need to hunker down with the books flashcards and cram some more Latin into my head. My final is two weeks from today. Wish me luck!

Friday, November 18, 2011

some thoughts

This picture has been floating around pinterest (along with many like it) and had this comment "Not a good goal in my opinion. This woman is FAR skinnier than she should be. Note the collar bones visible at the shoulder, and her protruding hip bones. This woman should eat a lot more and lift some heavy weights to put on some healthy weight. :-)" How many of us would agree with that statement? Most of us I'm sure. Afterall, we're mature, sophisticated, educated, women (and men) who know that there is more to life and love than simply being skinny. We know that you can be healthy and happy at just about any weight. But do we really believe that?

I first saw this picture and read its comment I was hurt. This is basically what I look like, and, yet, I do everything suggested in the comment. I lift weights several times a week. I eat alot, and frankly not very well. I eat more than my husband; more than my little brother going through puberty and in the middle of his growth spurt. In all honesty, I felt like I was being judged. The comment wasn't made by anyone I know and wasn't even directed at me, but it still hurt. And the more I thought about that the worse I felt. Not for myself but for the women in our society. This is what 'overweight' women go through all the time and it makes me sick. This understanding that other people are judging them and finding them lacking. That there's something wrong with them. It's not right. I think that there's something wrong with us that we even think that way.