Thursday, January 31, 2013

blustry winter days

Goodmorning, world!

It's cold and oh so windy today! The perfect kind of day for:

1. Working in the kitchen. I'm making laundry soap and bread today! I can't wait for how cozy warm my kitchen will be!
2. Listening to Fun.'s album Some Nights! It's my current fav. I can't stop singing along!
3. Chatting on the phone. Some business calls and some fun calls. But it'll be good to be caught up with everyone!
4. Bundling up and walking the two blocks down to the library. I have a book on the hold shelf, just waiting for me to come get it. I'm so excited!
5. Keeping busy, busy, busy. The more I move, the warmer I am!

How do you like to spend your cold winter days?

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