Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whole30: Day 9


Breakfast: Paleo Banana Pancakes
These were fantastic. They make a great substitute for real pancakes. We also used almond butter instead of peanut butter and Justin just cooked three giant pancakes instead of twelve little ones. We ate them without syrup or butter on top naturally but I can't wait experience these pancakes with them! There was just a hint of sweetness in them from the banana and it was fantastic. This is another recipe that I think will be joining our file of regulars for after the Whole30 is done.

Lunch: Leftover Chunky Cioppino, frozen veggies, and a little watermelon
This was pretty good as leftovers. It wasn't as good as the first night but it worked. 

Supper: Stuffed Green peppers, salad, and watermelon
These were pretty good. I could definitely make them again. We used veal instead of beef and I have to admit that I couldn't taste a difference. They just tasted beefy to me. I like the inclusion of carrots and parsnips in the mixture. Our regular recipe contains rice and I didn't miss that at all. I think in the future I'll just do root veggies. I did miss the cheese however. This would have been delicious with a light layer of cheese over the top. We'll have to make them with that next time.

I felt pretty good yesterday. I felt fine all morning and most of the afternoon. By late afternoon, I had a slight headache and while I was working on dinner my back was really hurting. I also was very tired and had some sinus drainage/stuffy nose. After supper I just hung on the couch and read a book on my phone but by the time we headed to bed my sinuses, head, and back were all feeling fine. So I'm not sure what's up with that. It was a little weird.

Aren't little kids the greatest? There's nothing quite like a flashlight and a dark closet. 

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