Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Whole30: Day 22

So many pretty spices!

Breakfast: Salsa eggs

Lunch: Leftover shrimp kabobs, salad
 This did pretty well as leftovers. It didn't hold me very well. I was hungry by about 4pm. I know I'm usually hungry by then but I was super, crazy hungry.

Supper: Tex-Mex chicken thighs, salad, cup of chicken broth, apple, water kefir
This was really good. It was our first meal out of the organic chicken things we had bought at Trader Joe's and they were really good. I definitely think that we'll make a habit of keeping those on hand. Justin and I both love dark meat and that was a very affordable way to get good quality meat. Maybe not as good as getting it from the co-op but it was about half as cheap. It'll work perfectly.

Another normal day here in Langedom. Still feeling fine and about the same as normal. I didn't sleep as well last night and had a little bit of hypoglycemia during the night. But I woke up feeling alright and it didn't seem to affect me to much. I'm not sure what that was about though.

Another sunny, beautiful day here in Indiana! At 1pm it was 74* but by 4pm it was 81* F! It was an amazing day. I opened up the house fully and was wearing a skirt and tanktop when Justin came home. And of course, I got my time outside in the sun. My tan lines are progressing nicely, if I do say so myself.

No worries. I'm not burnt at all. I just have a very pink complexion.

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