Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekly Loves: May 31

Happy Friday, everyone! How was your week? Did you do anything exciting? We had a good Memorial Day weekend and then loved having a short very quiet week! In a couple of hours we're headed to visit my family for the weekend. I can't wait!

This week we:

Packed a picnic and spent Saturday afternoon downtown watching the bike races. The highest level racers race for an hour and average around 27mph. This is an absolutely insane idea to me!  

Made crepes with cream cheese and strawberry filling and ate them in bed. Or, more accurately, Justin made crepes and brought them to me in bed. He is seriously the best ever. 

Sunday I met up for drinks with some girlfriends. I only had water but it was a blast. Lots of giggling and shivering (it was cold). We're planning on doing this much more often :-)

Spent a cold rainy Memorial Day afternoon with Justin's family playing games and just visiting. 

Took a break from reading real books for most of the week and just read lame free novels from amazon. It was nice to have a mental break even if I did spend most of it mentally yelling at the characters ;-) 
Rode my bike to the grocery at 7:30am on a cool sunny morning. Bliss.

Have a happy weekend, all! Eat something yummy for me!

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