Monday, September 15, 2014

Run 2014: Weeks 21 - 27

Week 21:
July 29
     2x800 @ ~2min per lap
July 31
     7.04 in 1:06:17, average 9:25
August 2
     13.13 in 2:12:45, average 10:07

Week 22:
August 5
     4x1200 @ ~2min per lap
August 7
     8.26 in 1:17:43, average 9:24
August 9
     10.02 in 1:39:43, average 9:57

Week 23:
August 12
     1000, 2000, 1000, 1000
August 14
     7.03 in 1:05:07, average 9:16

Week 24:
August 23
     10.28 in 1:40:58, average 9:50 

Week 25:
August 25
     10x400 @ 2min per lap
August 27
     7.02 in 1:11:34, average 10:11
August 29
     15.02 in 2:39:08, average 10:36

Week 26:
September 3
     17.08 in 3:25:57, average 12:03
     (Ran 15 walked 2.08. Justin knee problems)

Week 27:
September 9
     4x800 @ ~2min per lap
September 13
     15.16 in 2:48:09, average 11:06
     (Justin knee problems)

Overall Thoughts:
Things have been very hit and miss for us the past few weeks. Work has been insane for Justin and time has been really crunched for the last few weeks. It's been challenging to get the runs in and we've been extra tired. For the most part though, when we've been able to run things have gone pretty well. My ankle has been fine. I've done a few shorter runs without the brace and my ankle is usually really tired and a tiny bit tweaky. Because all our tempo and track runs are so long I don't feel like this is a good time to wean myself off of the brace. Running 5-7 miles braceless isn't exactly easing into things. So for now the brace remains a fixture.

I worked on breaking in a new pair of running shoes over the last few weeks and ran my long run in them this week. This pair is New Balance Minimus Trail 10v2 and I'm a fan. They have a much wider toe box and feel great. The pink Merrells in the photo above are getting quite worn and I will probably relegate them to normal shoes very shortly.

The track runs are still going great. I've consistently hit all of my desired paces either spot on or just a few seconds faster than assigned. This has been lovely and reassuring despite my long runs being slower than preferred. Tempo and long runs have both been alright. Sometimes they go great, sometimes they're hell. I'm not really sure what makes the difference.

September 13th was our first run this training cycle that I needed a shirt. It was actually cold enough that I wore shorts and my UnderArmour quarter zip which is insane. I love that thing and it's been a staple of my running wardrobe for the past few years. It's been wonderful to finally have fall weather here and I'll be curious to see what the cooler weather does for our runs.

Justin has been having some knee pain on our last two long runs. The track run in between didn't hurt him at all though. He's currently trying to pin point exactly where it hurts so that we can work on figuring out what's causing it. We'll have to see how that goes.

As for now, we're two weeks out from the Fort4Fitness half marathon so we're going to begin a little bit of a taper. It'll be interesting to see how that goes!

Fort4Fitness: 2 weeks
Huff: 14 weeks

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