Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015!

Christmas Eve Service

Happy 2015!!!! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays and have had a relaxing start to the new year. I'm finding it hard to believe that the holidays are done and gone and that it's already 2015. But I know that it must be true because Justin went back to work yesterday and I packed up the Christmas decorations.

Look at all those handsome men!

Justin had two weeks off and we spent them eating, sleeping, playing, and visiting family! It was so much fun to have him home with me and I miss him now that he's back at work. I much prefer it when he's home and I always feel unsettled when he returns to work after a long break. But I'll get used to it again and it'll be all good.

The only downside to having Justin home is that I don't write much when he's home. It's not that I don't have time. I definitely do. It's just that there are a million and one even more fun things that I can be doing! Like reading more books or watching cartoons (I got Dexter's Lab season 1 for Christmas!) or eating delicious. It's hard to type with a snack in your hand and your nose in a book.

Picking colors is very intense business around here.

But now that Justin's back at work again I hope to be here more regularly. I have things to say and photos to share, people! Now that the house is silent I can hammer out my thoughts for the new year. I think I pretty much have more one little word and goals picked out. Now to write them out!

Jan 6th - First snowstorm of the new year.

I'll save all that for another day though. Right now it's sunny, 6F, and there's fresh snow. That means I get to go shovel!

(Edited) P.S. A very happy 56th birthday to my daddy! I love you!


  1. Oops on you, I think it's 56! (He was born in '59) Check my math though, no brain cells today. :) I am excited to hear about what you will be painting. Those colors sure look fun! Love ya,

  2. You're right! He is 56! Thanks! We're going to paint the front and back doors. We're going for an 'Irish door' look. I'm excited! Love you!