Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Welcome February!

Clean snow

We got 12 inches of fresh snow on February 1st and it was the perfect thing to get my month off to a good start. I'm not much of one for new years resolutions. I need time to think these things through and that one week between christmas and new years isn't near enough time to get my priorities straightened out. But February 1st? That I can rock. I came up with four main areas that I want to focus on this year: finish the interior of the house, grow a vegetable garden, increase/maintain my physical health, and continue my personal education. These are all a little vague on purpose. That way I can pick one or two things that fit within each category and work on them each month.

So without further ado, here's February's list of goals:

Paint the guest room
     I think we've finally picked a color for this room (yay!) so I'll be able to work on it soon. This will involve painting the ceiling, trim, and the inside of the closet as well as the walls so I may not get this finished this month. We don't have any furniture for this room but painting is definitely the first step!

Exercise 3 times a week
     We slacked a little with the running since the Huff and I'd love to get back into that but with all the snow and ice that might not happen much. But even if I can't run, I can still do other things. We have a set of dumbbells in the basement and there are lots of fantastic yoga videos on youtube. Plus I tend to count things like shoveling snow and hauling dirt as exercise. So this should be doable.

Install pegboard in kitchen
     This will go a long way toward giving us more storage for our pots and pans and it should be pretty simple. It is a project that Justin and I will work on together though soo we'll see when we get it done.

Research seed starting
   Fairly self explanatory. I don't think that I need to start any of my seedlings in February but I don't actually know! So I need research and come up with a game plan for how and when that needs to happen. Probably next month's goal will be to actually start them!

Blog twice per week (Tue & Thur)
     This is actually one of the goals that I anticipate being more challenging for me. I love writing but I get distracted by my responsibilities inside and outside of the home. But I really love going back and rereading my old posts. Especially the series that I've maintained such as Run 2014. I want to have a record of what we've been doing and our lives. But that means that I need to write more often! This goal is my start at making that happen.

Well, there you have it folks. My five main February 2015 goals. Did you make any resolutions this year and if so how are they going?

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