Saturday, February 6, 2010

My research continues. I'm trying to find myself a good beginning running plan. I'm trying to find one that will help me ease my way into running. While I'm in pretty good shape, I have next to no stamina. So the chances of me getting up right this minute and running a 5K are not good. I'm really wanting to work on that though.

I've also been researching our gym's policy on shoes. Justin says that he thinks you're required to wear them and he's probably right. That doesn't keep me from hoping he's wrong though. I haven't found anything yet that says. I've looked online on our website and there's not a list of regulations posted. I'll keep my eyes open the next time we're in the gym for our normal workout. I'm hoping that I don't seem any signs about wearing shoes posted up. I don't remember seeing any. But I don't usually notice things like that. So that might not mean anything at all.

Justin seems reluctant to begin running with me. He says that he will but I think he'd prefer to just stick to his elliptical machine. I suppose I can see that. But it's pretty boring for me. All you do is go and go and go all in one place. There's no variety. I'd like to be able to get out and go places. We'll see how he does with it. Maybe he'll love it. But I have a feeling I'd better get used to running on my own.

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