Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's finally spring!! While the official day was Saturday, the last week of winter was decidedly spring like. It was sunny and warm! In the 60s most days! I spent much my week outdoors trying to begin a tan. While the prospect on a whole is laughable I managed to succeed in remaining pink for most of the week ;-)

(Our feet on March 6th, 2010)

But the most wonderful part of it all? Sandals!! Lovely, summery sandals! Those who spend all year round wearing sandals cannot possibly appreciate the wonder that they are. It is amazing to be able to take off my boots and (double) socks and not feel like my toes are about to fall off.

(Our feet again on March 16th, 2010)

On the downside this means that I must start doing a better job of painting my toenails on a regular basis. And shaving. And wearing sunscreen. But it's worth it. Because it's finally spring!

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