Friday, March 19, 2010

I apologize for my long absence. There are many excuses I could make. It could have had something to do with studying for my midterms. But I'm done with that. It could have had something to do with taking those same midterms. But they're done too. It is also possible that it could be related to the fact that it was so beautiful during my spring break that I couldn't bear to stay inside and write anything. But that wouldn't be true either. Or at least not the whole truth.

The truth of the matter is that I haven't quite known what to write here. There you go. The actual truth. I don't have an excuse. It's not that there haven't been things going on. Discussions have been had. Trips have been made. Pictures have been taken. But somehow none of them really seem to matter at the moment. There are things weighing on my mind that feel to be more important than the mundane. The only problem is that I don't have a good enough grasp on them to be able to explore them fully.

There are a variety of topics all jumbled together and entwined. They are all important individually but collectively they are more so. These past few weeks have brought discussions about work, school, children, finances and so on. No decisions have been made. Yet. But the fact of the matter is that decisions do need to be made. And decently soon. In the coming weeks and months.

I'm going to begin to cover these topics one at a time. I may never cover all of them. And the ones that I do cover are sure to overlap in many ways. I don't have decided opinions on any of them as of yet. But I am working at developing my thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics. Many of them I only have a vague idea of. But I'm getting there. All this to say that I have not left and I am looking forward to this chance to delve into the world of the unknown.

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