Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monday Supper?

I've got to be kidding, right? Two food posts in a row? I couldn't help it, though. I just had to show you what we did with all that beautiful leftover ciabatta from Sunday. Presenting, 

Garlic Bread Sandwhiches!

This is a pretty regular around here. It started with leftover garlic bread and took on a life of it's own. Once again, super simple. Usually we make it with french bread from the store. But we had some leftover ciabatta so we used that this week. You take at least one stick of soft butter and add a whole bunch of garlic. I have no idea how much. Neither of us has ever measured it. Spread the bread with the yummy garlic butter, layer with turkey, tomatoes slices and lettuce. Wrap it in foil and throw it in a 350 degree oven. Leave it in there for fifteen or twenty minutes. You just want to get them nice and warm. And that's it. Pull them out, unwrap them and enjoy. 

And then if that wasn't enough butter for you, you can do what we did. Make chocolate chip cookies!

We're pretty boring. We just use the recipe on the Toll House Package. Except...

We only add half the amount of semi-sweet chips and the rest of the chips are made up of 1/4 white chocolate and 1/4 butterscotch. You can not possibly imagine how amazing it is until you try it. And once you do there's no going back!

The other trick to amazing cookies is to pull them out when they're a little undercooked. That keeps the soft and chewy later. 

But really, our kitchen is pretty tiny. And there's not really enough room for us both to work on the cookies. So alot of times I end up playing paparazzi/art photographer. And you end up with shots like this...

I love them all but technically I probably should have been helping make the cookies. I'm glad my baby is a better cook than I am.

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