Monday, January 30, 2012

30 January 2012 or My house is SMALL

This house of ours. It's a good house. Warm, cozy. A little drafty at times but what old house isn't? This house is perfect size for the two of us. This house, which I thought was 800 square feet, isn't. In fact, it's actually 672 square feet and, well, that's not bad of course. But it did come as a bit of a surprise. You see, when I rented this house I measured every square inch of it. I had to see how my furniture would fit, didn't I? But then somehow I messed up my math and I ended up with 128 square feet more than I should have had. 800 sq ft instead of 672 sq ft.

Instead of being embarrassed about my mistake I find myself feeling relieved. Because as much as this house might be perfect for us (and it is!) there are times where I find myself wishing for just a little more space. Just one more set of cabinets in the kitchen. Room for just one more piece of art on the wall. Knowing that the house is only 672 sq ft makes me feel less greedy. Because really, by anyone else's standards we're living in a closet. 

And that? 

That makes me feel proud and self-satisfied. Your house is 1500 sq ft? Well, our's is only 672 and that is plenty of room for two people. Nevermind the times I'm gotten frustrated at the things piled in the office for want of a better home. Or the pots and mixing bowls living on top of the cabinets instead of in, the shoes living under the living room chair, the things living under the bed, and the bikes hanging from the living room wall. Nevermind that we have no garage and have to scrape frost and snow every. single. morning. during the winter. When it comes to who has the better house, I clearly win hands down. Why? 

Because I have the smallest house. And everyone knows that smaller equals better.

Right? Right? 


Okay, maybe not.

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