Monday, February 20, 2012

Part 3 of Why I love my small house

After ragging on myself and my feelings about my small (672 sq ft) house recently, I want to expand on some of the reasons why I really do love this house. This is the third post in a series discussing what I love about our house.

Today: The office

This is one of my favourite pieces of art in my house. We bought it on our honeymoon and I just love it. It'll probably go into a nursery someday but until then it looks perfect on the brown wall. I particularly love the little owl hanging upside down. He makes me smile.

The second piece of artwork hanging in our office: this lighthouse print. The Outer Banks are one of my family's favourite vacation spots. This print brings back happy childhood memories.

 Our bookshelves are quite my favourite. The left is Justin's and the right is mine. They're not particularly tidy and, well, they're in dire need of being reorganized but I'm in love. They're big and black and so sturdy. I love the top and bottom molding, and the shelves has trim along the end as well. These little details make the set that much more awesome. (P.S. Don't you love our old desktop?)

And my last favourite piece of this room? Our camping wall. We have our sleeping bags hung from the ceiling to prevent them from crumpling and we had no shelf space for our bags so up they got hung as well. Our tents are tucked into the corner there and it's all very tidy.

So there you are. My favourite parts of the office!

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