Monday, April 23, 2012

Part 5 of Why I Love my small house

After ragging on myself and my feelings about my small (672 sq ft) house recently, I want to expand on some of the reasons why I really do love this house. This is the fourth post in a series discussing what I love about our house.
Part 3.
Part 4.

 Today: The Living Room!

First off. I love these maps.  They're huge. They cover the entire wall and are the first thing you see when you enter the house. Someday we'd like to pin the places we've been but as we've yet to decide how to do that without damaging the maps they're unadulterated. We like them just like this and frequently find ourselves perched awkwardly in the chairs looking at them while we brush our teeth. 

Secondly. Our makeshift entry.  These hooks don't hold all our coats and gear, we have a small hall closet that most of these items live in. But we do store our most frequently used items on these hooks. This helps alot in the winter/rainy season. The closet is too crowded to hang wet items inside. I also love our key hooks. I never lose track of my keys now that they always live on the bottom hook. Besides, it's fun to find something useful to do with that tiny strip of wall. Every inch counts!

My fishbowl full of lights! I had to get my engineer husband to sign off of this one before I could do it. Didn't want to put too many lights in the bowl and melt something or break the glass. But he said it should be fine, so here we are! I love to plug these in and turn on a good cd on dark nights and just relax. 

Thirdly, my Mandelbrot set collage. Justin made this for me for our first Christmas and I LOVE it! I had always wanted to hang Mandelbrot photos on my wall ever since reading about the chaos theory while in highschool and he made it happen for me. I love him. 

Fourth. Our little bulletin board. This hangs in the living room, just before you get to the kitchen and just beside my bike. I love the simplicity of it and how useful it is for storing things. Coupons, concert tickets, bakery gift certificates, and more live on that board at all times. Wonderfully handy. 

And lastly, our poor bedraggled plant. This is not our only plant. In fact, we have have four more. But this one is my favourite. It was a hand me down and it's scrawny but it's a fighter. When I received the plant it had only four leaves. And look at it now! It does take an excessive amount of watering. I typically give is 20oz every two to three days. But really! How can you not love it with it's skinny, skinny trunk and it's shiny leaves. I just wish I knew what it was!

And there you have our living room! Only one room left in the house: the kitchen.

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