Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Part 6 of Why I love my small house

After ragging on myself and my feelings about my small (672 sq ft) house recently, I want to expand on some of the reasons why I really do love this house. This is the fourth post in a series discussing what I love about our house.

Today: The kitchen!

First off. This skillet and strainer hanging on the wall. One. I love that skillet to pieces. Non stick and perfect every time. Two I love how these pieces look hanging on the wall. They're functional and easy to get too but still interesting to look at. 

Secondly, our aprons. I love my apron. It was a gift from my mama and I use it several days a week. In particular when I'm baking. I'm extremely bad about flinging flour all over the place and this apron is a life saver.


Thirdly, our spice cabinet. This is my absolute favourite thing in our kitchen. We found it at a local used furniture shop and just had to have it. As you can see it holds A LOT of spices and keeps them out of our limited cabinet space. I love the leaded glass and the way it smells when you open it. 

Fourth. The ghirardelli chocolate is another of my favourites. It holds ghirardelli chocolate at all times :-)

And lastly, this painting. It came from a Burmese missionary and Justin has had it for a long time. We finally got it framed and it matches our yellow kitchen perfectly! 

Well, there you have it. All of the details about our small house that I love. When I started this series I thought I would cover more of the rooms and talk about the house itself more. But as I went I found myself paying most attention to the details, the things that have stories. I guess this just goes to reenforce that it really is the little things in your house (and your life) that really count.

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