Saturday, March 23, 2013

Whole30: Day 5

Lemonade shrimp on a salad


Meal 1/Brunch: Left over salmon with avocado and strawberry salsa
Yeah. This did not do well as leftovers. The fish was dry and the avocado in the salsa was really slimy. I definitely won't eat this as leftovers again.

Snack/Lunchish thing: Small salad, turkey jerky, and a couple of apple slices.
This worked well as a mid afternoon snack. I'd definitely do it again.

Supper: Lemonade shrimp over a large salad with a small handful of grapes
This was extremely good and is definitely a keeper. We both loved this recipe. There are a few tweaks that we would make (of course) but the flavor was great. We made separate batches so that mine didn't have any jalapenos in it and I think that was a good thing. Instead of salad dressing, I actually just squeezed a half of a lime over the salad and this was fantastic. The whole thing had a light and fresh flavor to it. That in combination with the sun streaming in the window almost made it seem like it was summer time!

I felt better today than I have the previous days this week. My gas was gone and my head was doing quite well. I didn't start getting a headache until late and it was super minor. It also started after I got on the computer and began to work on my blog posts. So, yet another connection to the computer and my poor head. We caught up on sleep some last night. I got close to 12 hours and felt much more awake when I woke up. But that's why our meals were all messed up. We had breakfast at about 10:30 and by 3pm I knew I couldn't last until supper with out a snack. So salad and jerky it was! All in all, today was an improvement over the last few days.

We spent a decent amount of time in the kitchen this afternoon. We boiled eggs to make deviled eggs, made more jerky (I think this batch came out super yummy), made a huge salad for tomorrow. But the highlight of our afternoon? We made mayo! It turned out really well. Or, well, the texture came out fantastic. It blended and emulsified and is thick and creamy, just like real mayo. But the flavor? It's a little weird. It has a bit of a bite to it. We're not what's causing that exactly. We don't think there's anything wrong with it per say. It just tastes strange. So we'll have to do some more experimenting. But now we know the technique and from there we just get to play with ingredients.

Waiting for the egg to get to room temperature

The finished product: homemade mayo!

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