Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Whole30: Day 7

Hopefully the last snow storm of the season


Breakfast: Spinach and Cinnamon Fritatta
This was definitely good. Took forever to chew. I got sick of eating it before I was done. 

Lunch: Leftover lemonade shrimp on a salad, 1/2 an apple
I think this did alright as leftovers. The shrimp had gotten over cooked originally (the directions were weird) but it reheated alright. The warm sauce from the shrimp worked well as a dressing. It made the lettuce just a little bit wilty. It was delicious and I didn't even miss the mouth-wateringly tart lime juice. Okay, I did a little. But it was still delicious anyway.

Supper: Chunky Cioppino and a salad
This was another very good recipe. It's italian again (we seem to be on a roll) and I liked it alot. I had never had a tomato based seafood soup before and it was yummy. We used a pound of raw shrimp and a pound of tilapia. I would definitely love to use scallops sometime but it didn't need them. This is another recipe that will go into our normal everyday recipe file. I would definitely do it again.

My head was actually quite good. No headache to speak of despite spending an hour or so reading a book on my phone in the afternoon. So I guess I still don't know what's causing the headaches. I thought sure that they were being caused by the screens but that doesn't seem to be it. Other than that, there wasn't much of anything noticeable about day 7.  I pretty much felt normal.

We had a freak, early spring snowstorm Sunday night into Monday. All told, by the time is stopped early Monday afternoon we had received about 5 1/2 inches of snow, on March 25th. My good people, that is insane! One of the benefits of this storm, however, were that I had the best shopping morning ever. I arrived at Meijjer shortly before 8am and while the snow was still steadily falling and there was not a soul around. I saw about three other customers the entire time I was there. Everything was well stocked there were tons of employees working and chatting and I had the place to myself. Heaven! I think I may start going shopping every time we have a snowstorm. I was definitely a fan.

In other good news, judging by the produce available for a good price, this week seemed to kick off the start of the California growing season. My store had pineapples, watermelons, cantaloups, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries on sale! I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted. I ended up settling on a pineapple, watermelon, and one package of strawberries.

Isn't be a beaut?!

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