Monday, April 1, 2013

Whole30: Day 11

The boy enjoying his burrito

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with salsa
This has always been a favourite of mine. But we used to make them with cheddar too. I'm excited to go back to that in a couple of weeks.

Lunch: leftover stuffed green peppers and watermelon
This did well as leftovers. It tasted basically exactly the same as it did originally. It worked.

Supper: vegetable beef soup, salad, and watermelon
This soup turned out much better. It was just a basic beef soup. It was quite good. I was happy with how this one turned out. Just stew beef, a bunch of random veggies, homemade beef broth, and a bunch of spices. Easy peasy.

Day 11 was another good day. I felt good and energetic today. No headache or anything. It's been a pretty unremarkable day.

I watched one of Justin's nephews and we had a good day. He's three which is such a fun age. He's really smart and we had some fun conversations. It was a beautiful day so we walked to the library and spent a bunch of time outside playing with sticks and dead leaves.

Later in the afternoon, after Justin had come home, I went inside for a few minutes and the boy took my spot on the stoop but then he scooted over right next to Justin so that when I came outside I would have somewhere to sit. Then a little while later, after he had gone to play again, I scooted over next to Justin and the boy came back and told me that I was in his spot. It was very cute. Apparently he's a fan of Justin and didn't want me getting too close :-)

Figuring out how our dropleaf table works

Leaves for the win

Making room for me to sit down

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