Monday, April 1, 2013

Whole30: Day 12

Steak dinner

Breakfast: sweet potato, sausage, and egg scramble
This was not very good. It was kind of bland despite the spices. Probably won't make it again.

Lunch: leftover pulled pork
This did well as leftovers. It was a little drier than the original but it was good.

Supper: steak, steamed broccoli, salad, sautéed mushrooms
We're down in Indy for Easter weekend and my mom made this for us for supper. Well, my dad grilled the steaks but mom and I went shopping and did the rest of it. It was super delicious.

It was another good day. I had a slight headache in the evening but the rest of the day I felt fine. I didn't have such a great night though. Last night/Friday night I had hypoglycemia again. I was sweaty and cold and having some very bad dreams. But I woke up feeling alright. So I'm not sure what was up with that.

We headed down to Indy to spend the holiday weekend with my family and stopped at Trader Joe's along the way. I love that store! They have great prices on frozen chicken thighs so we bought several pounds of those. I also discovered that they carry our favourite fruit leathers all the way from New Zealand! We had brought some back with us but were sad we couldn't find something similar in the states. But Trader Joe's imports them. And that's super exciting!

Annie's fruit leathers. yum!

 This was a new sight for me! We definitely don't have these in our town.

the picture says it all

The crocus are in bloom at my parent's house. It's amazing what a few miles will do. They live one hundred miles south of Justin and I and spring arrives much sooner to their neck of the woods.

The first sign of spring in Indiana

In the afternoon, Justin and I convinced my siblings to come on a walk with us since it was such a nice day. We walked to the local elementary school and back, a round trip of two miles, and it was a blast! I can't wait for us to have a longer weekend at their house so we can take our bikes and take rides into town and all over. It's always a great time.

Also, can I just say that all of my siblings seem to be very attractive and extremely photogenic. Thanks mom and dad!

Timothy actually not making a weird face for once.

Fearing for his life.

Patrick studiously ignoring me (pre-walk)

Michael looking tall

Katherine the photographer

My gorgeous little sister.

Can I just say a word about the two boys in the photo below. Patrick's 14 and Michael's 15, and they're both so tall. They're going through massive growth spurts and leaving me behind in the dust. Michael is 5' 10" with no signs of stopping and Patrick is 5' 5" and is just starting his growth spurt. It's insane.

They may look the same heights, but they're not!

This is so typical them.

My extremely handsome husband

In case you ever wondered how I dress every day, the answer is like this.

I love us together.

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