Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Whole30: Day 14

My Easter present from my mom!

Breakfast: Leftover sweet potato, sausage and egg scramble
This did not improve upon second acquaintance. I will gladly never eat this again. I am really not a sweet potato fan anyway.

Lunch: Leftover vegetable beef soup, asparagus, watermelon
Once again, this was good. Just finishing it off. It's warmer now and not so much soup season anymore. I'm ready to move on. 

Supper: Fish tacos in lettuce wrap, salad, watermelon
This worked out pretty well. This is one of our staple recipes and it was pretty good without the tortillas. I missed the cheese though. I'm looking forward to that in a few weeks.

I had a pretty bad headache in morning. Mostly from spending almost three hours on my computer getting caught up on blog posts from the weekend. It really is the computer. Every time I get on it, my eyes start hurting and my head starts pounding. It's frustrating. Also, I was hungry by 9am and was starving by 10:30. Breakfast was not a win. I'm definitely not a fan.

Yesterday was meat pick up do so I ran my errands later in the day. I definitely prefer to get them out of the way first thing but it works. We're really lucky in our town to have multiple good sources of organic, pastured meats. We joined a co-op this year that provides us with meats, raw dairy, and in a few months will provide us with organic vegetables. This co-op has been a huge help. Their meat is good quality and reasonably priced. We still find ourselves shopping at other stores every week but this has made it much easier to get everything we need. And also, I love raw milk! Almost as much as I love bacon but not as much as I love butter!

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