Monday, April 1, 2013

Whole30: Day 13

How my family hides Easter eggs

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs
This was a fast and easy breakfast. We were trying to get ready to go to church with my family.

Lunch: Leftover beef soup, 1/2 banana, clementine
This soup reheats well. It was good and is pretty filling. It would be better with crackers and a little cheese though.

Easter Dinner: veggies, pickled egg, fruit, two tiny pickled beets
This was a bummer of a Easter dinner. All that we could eat was the fruit and veggies and the pickled eggs that my grandma made. I had never had one before despite the fact that she makes them every year. I looked later and discovered that the pickled beets had sugar in them. But seeing as I could easily fit the two that I ate on a teaspoon, I don't feel too badly about that.

Supper: corned beef & peppered beef from Shapiro's, cut veggies with oil and vinegar dressing, pickle spear, and fruit
I did not actually read the ingredient list on the lunch meat. It may have had a tiny bit of sugar but seeing as it's from a Jewish deli that has very old fashioned foods, I kind of doubt it. And, frankly, I was really hungry. So we went with it and didn't worry about it too much.

I felt pretty well. I had a pretty decent headache in the afternoon and evening but I think that was mostly because I have a hard time drinking water in my parents' town. It's really chloriney and not very satisfying. Once we got home and I had a bunch to drink my headache went away. Other than that I felt about the same. Another normal day.

You know what? It's a lot more fun to hide Easter eggs for big kids than it is for little kids. Timothy was the youngest kid hunting and all the rest of the kids were in junior high/highschool. You can do awesome things like hide eggs up in trees :-)

My other handsome and photogenic brother, David, joined us at my grandparent's house on Easter day. He and I live in the same town but don't get to see a lot of each other. We're hoping to fix that soon.

David looking dapper

Why are you taking pictures of me?

Here I'll pose for you.

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