Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Whole30: Day 21

Breakfast: Salsa Eggs

Lunch: Leftover Mahi Mahi, asparagus, salad, and pineapple
This did really well as leftovers. We'll definitely be making it again.

Supper: Herb crusted salmon, salad, steamed green beans, cup of broth, and pineapple.
For this recipe we used almond meal for the breading and I really liked it. I think that next time I would use even more breading and make it really thick. It was good though. I like a good dijon mustard.

Once again today was just like every other day. No headache, hungry around 10:30am and 4pm. Same old, same old. Nothing new to report.

My day was oh so quiet. I went grocery shopping in the morning (I always do that on Mondays) and working on things at home. On the bright side it only took me 45 minutes to wash (and dry and wash some more) Sunday night/Monday morning's dishes and I watched episode two of Call the Midwife while I worked. I love that show! There's nothing like turning on a good movie or tv show to help you pass the time while working on a tedious project!

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