Monday, April 8, 2013

Whole30: Days 19 & 20

Day 19's breakfast

Day 19's supper

Day 20's supper

Day 19 Food:
Breakfast: banana pancakes and bacon!
Oh goodness. We haven't had bacon in weeks. We were having a heck of a time finding a good brand that didn't have any sugar. We finally found one at Trader Joe's and it was sooooooo good. 

Lunch: Leftover chicken salad and steamed cauliflower

Supper: Mahi Mahi, salad, steamed asparagus, a cup of chicken broth
This was a really good recipe. It came from a cookbook that we got during our honeymoon to the beach and it's a great resource for fresh fish recipes. All the ones we've tried have been simple but delicious. I especially loved the basil sauce that went with it. Mayo, lime juice, basil and a little dill. Yum.

Snack: Grapefruit
I'm pretty much addicted. That's about all there is to say.

Day 20 Food:
Salsa eggs with leftover bacon

Lunch: Leftover sauerkraut and hotdogs, salad

Supper: Shrimp kabobs, salad
Justin made our shrimp a ginger lime marinade and it was quite good. I do love grilled vegetables. Kabobs are always awesome. 

Snack: Cup of broth and a grapefruit

Both days were just normal days again. No headaches to speak of on either day. I really just felt normal. No physical ailments to worry about or ponder over. Just another lovely weekend.

This weekend we:
1. Made a big batch of chicken broth. Justin's tied a length of paracord to the hook in the ceiling so that I could suspend the bag and let all the broth hang out.  I love not having to hold it!
2. Worked on projects/budget.  Will you think me weird if I admit that I really love going through our monthly budget? Well, I do!
3. Walked around the block to see a house fire. We live close to the fire department and are used to hearing sirens. But these seemed to go on and on! We just had to take a peak!
4. Bought more canning jars. You can never have too many.
5. Bought a few dumbbells; 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs. Small weights for now. We'll buy the bigger ones when we have a little money to spare. I can't wait to use them!
6. Watched Skyfall. I know, I know. It came out ages ago. But we hadn't seen it yet! It was super good. Daniel Craig is definitely my favourite Bond.
7. Sunbathed! The clouds went away for a while on Sunday and we took advantage of the clear skies to go outside and work on our base tans! I already have noticeable tan lines
8. Read. I'm reading this book and Justin's reading this one. I loved the book Justin is reading now. So many things to think about and research. I would definitely recommend it for anyone interested in personal finances. I love my book but know it's not to most people's likings ;-)
9. Watched Anna Karenina. Another movie we hadn't seen yet and I was crazy impressed with it. I have lots to say about this movie but I'll save them for another time. Just suffice to say that I loved it.

So much beautiful broth. yum.

A bag of bones and veggies just hanging.

Five hook and ladder trucks!

Working on his tan.

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