Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whole30: The End

Worry dolls from Guatemala that my cousin brought back for us. Aren't they're darling? The largest one is about as long as my littlest finger.

Well, folks, this is it! Today is the 30th day since we started the Whole 30. We're finished!

Or er, well actually, we bailed on the Whole30 program five days ago. On Friday, day 25 of 30, we had chili dogs (in a bowl) with cheddar cheese and fritos on top. And it was EPIC. Seriously, people. That was the best damn chili and hotdogs I've ever eaten in my life. And the cheese. Oh, lord. It was heaven.You should have seen me. I was practically giddy over the cheese.

And then over the weekend we ate salmon patties with oats in them. And Sunday we made the most amazing ranch dip for veggies. And yesterday we had cheeseburgers for supper and cornbread for a snack with lots of butter on it. And we've eaten cheese at almost every meal. And we've had fresh, raw milk to drink two days in a row. I love my life!

And so far I mostly feel fine. My energy levels are the same. I haven't had any upset stomachs or other bowel problems. I haven't been getting more or less hungry in between meals. Things are pretty much consistent for me. Justin reports the same things. He hasn't noticed anything different either.

My only complaint since I've posted last, is that the last three nights in a row I've gotten pretty sweaty at night. I'm having a hard time telling if I'm actually getting hypoglycemia or just getting hot and sweaty. I have three hypothesis for what could be going on.

First, it's been warmer in the last week or so and I've noticed that our room isn't getting as cool at night as it does during the winter. It's possible that I just need to take some blankets off of the bed. It always takes me a bit to adjust during the spring and fall. I just didn't remember it usually being this bad.

Second, not to give too much information but I am starting my period about now and it's very possible that my hormones are off enough that I'm having problems at night. This compounded by the warmer nights might be enough to be screwing things all up.

And the third option, might be that I really can't handle the dairy and I'm just having hypoglycemia at night. I don't know what to think about this idea. I wasn't getting hypoglycemia every single day and before starting the Whole30 we were eating quite a bit of dairy. But maybe my body is more sensitive to it now that I've had a break. Or maybe my candida loves the lactose in dairy and goes crazy when I eat it. I'm really not sure. I'll have to experiment some more.

Other than that, I feel like our Whole30 experiment was mostly a success. We stayed on track and didn't cheat, even though we quit early. We never did go through any of the stages. And we both felt fine the whole time.

I think the biggest thing I learned coming out of this is how much better, easier, and yummier it is to make most/all of your own condiments. I have lots of good salad dressing recipes now that I intend to continue making. They just taste so much better than the store bought. The ranch dip especially. I seriously want to just eat it with a spoon (I did. Just a little. Shhhhh. Don't tell). It was seriously so fantastic though. I don't think I could ever go back to store bought salad dressing. It would depress me too much.

Scenes from my kitchen this past week:

Chili dogs with (lots of) cheese and fritos.

Salmon patty, a thick slice of tomato, a fried egg, and a lemon, garlic, basil sauce.

Tuna salad on a green salad. Not pictured: homemade ranch dressing.

Cheeseburger with homemade mayo.

Gluten free cornbread with lots of butter and a glass of raw milk.

Typical mornings dishes.

And finished. I love being in my kitchen in the morning.

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