Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kitchen Update: April 2014

In all seriousness, our kitchen is my favourite room of the house. I spend a lot of time and do some of my best work there. It's looking much better than when we moved in but the changes haven't been quite as dramatic as some of the other rooms in the house like the bathroom or the front room.

Here's what it used to look like.

The kitchen's not too different although we did do this:

I have taken down the wall paper and that light by the back door, and although we still have the original counters and that awesome stove/microwave combo, somehow the room just looks completely different to me. It feels like the most 'done' despite that huge empty wall. Maybe it's Mr. Rabbit that makes me feel that way or maybe it's that I have the cabinets and drawers situated precisely how I want them. I'm not sure what makes this room feel so homey but I'm a fan of whatever it is.

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