Friday, May 30, 2014

Run 2014: Week 11

Tuesday, May 20th: 3.10 miles in 29ish minutes
     I'm not sure what happened to the data from this run. Apparently it didn't get saved so I don't have any exact information on my average pace or anything. This run was uneventful. I don't really remember anything about it.

Thursday, May 22nd: 2.04 miles in 17:56, average pace 8:47
     This was a quick and easy couple of miles before we got cleaned up and caught our flight to Washington DC! It was easy and simple. I went without my brace because I didn't want to have to pack it sweaty. It went okay. I could definitely feel it and I don't think I'm ready to run braceless yet. But it was alright really.

Saturday, May 24th: 9.13 miles in 1:34:02, average pace of 10:18
     This run took place in Arlington, VA along the Potomac River and went pretty darn well! We ran most of it on a paved bike/running trail and it was really good. There were tons and tons of people out; way more than are ever out in our town. It was fun to people watch though.

The run itself was fairly normal. We carried our handhelds and that did alright for that distance. A little more water would have been nice but it was fine. We also each had a Clif ShotBlok. And those were good. I do think that the extra calories help on the long runs.

My pace was slower than I would have preferred but that was by design. If you look at the graph we were remarkably consistent. We just stayed slow since we still had sightseeing and things to do later that day. It was an enjoyable run though!

Overall Thoughts:
     It was a good week for running. This was technically the last week for our training plan. That's why the week day runs were so short and the long run so long. It had been designed as a taper week. That worked to our advantage though. We had no problems getting our runs in on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday's run was a very doable length and didn't feel too difficult.

My ankle has been doing pretty well. It has improved some over the last couple of weeks. I can't feel it when I'm going up and down the stairs anymore. And the pain has been really mild even on my long runs. I wore the brace the first day in DC with all the walking but then determined that I didn't actually need it during the day. And I haven't been wearing it during the days at home for five or six weeks. So I'm pleased with the progress I'm making on that front.

Also, we're thinking about buying larger handheld bottles for running. We have our Nathan's packs still but they're completely over kill for 10-14 miles. We don't need 2 liters for a run that length so I'm going to start looking at those. Any favourites that I should look at? I'd love to know what you all like!

Fort4Fitness: 21 weeks
Huff: 33 weeks

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