Monday, May 19, 2014

Run 2014: Week 10

Tuesday, May 13th: 5.39 miles in 53:07, average pace 9:51
     I'm kind of noticing a trend here. I tend to say that Tuesday runs are hard. And for some reason they are. This was the slowest pace we've had in a while. It felt comfortably difficult. Like some of my faster runs have felt. My legs were a little tired at the start but they shook out after a but and I settled in to the run. My ankle wasn't terrible. Just felt normal. All together it was fairly unremarkable.

Thursday, May 15th: 3.15 miles in 28:02, average pace 8:54
     And then suddenly this was a really really good run. It felt easy and smooth and my pace was fantastic. Even better? My ankle didn't hurt at all! I have no idea why that happened but I'm definitely not complaining. It was a 45 when we left for our run so I was all bundled up again. I'm ready for this weather to even out again. Going from shorts and a bra on Tuesday to capris, quarter zip, gloves, and ear muffs seems a bit extreme. Over all it was a very good run though. I'm pleased with it!

Saturday, May 17th: 8.26 miles in 1:23:06, average pace 10:03
     This run went so well! It was hard and I was definitely tired by the end of it. But our pace was quite good for this long of a run and that included all of our road crossings. We broke out the Clif Shot Bloks for the first time and I think they helped. We each had one package over the course of the 8 miles. I certainly felt energetic enough and my stomach handled them fine. It was interesting weather; about 55 and partly sunny. I actually ended up wearing shorts, compression sleeves, a tanktop, and my arm warmers and it was the right combo. This is the first time I've made it through the whole run without stripping off the arm sleeves. My ankle hurt some during this run but it plateaued at a low level and stayed that way the whole time. My right ankle felt a little tweaky run while we were running on the grass but that's not too surprising. It has to work harder on ground that's not level.

Overall thoughts:
     I'm pleased with how this week went. Thursday and Saturday's runs were awesome and Tuesdays was completely fine. I'm feeling encouraged with how this process is going for us. Obviously we still have lots of mileage building to do before we're ready for 32 miles but I'm finally feeling like it's manageable. Hitting eight miles and doing it well feels like much more of an accomplishment than running five or six miles. I'm starting to really look forward to our longer runs. I really enjoyed the 12 to 14 mile length last time so I'm excited to see how I feel once I get to them.

     After Saturday's 8 miles both of my ankles settled back in and have been fine. I need to make sure to be faithful with my stretches this week but I'm happy with how my ankles have been maintaining even though we've been building miles. I don't really expect them to improve but I'd just love for them not to get worse.

All together, it's been a good week for running!

Fort4Fitness: 22 weeks
Huff: 34 weeks

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