Monday, May 12, 2014

Run 2014: Week 9

Tuesday, May 6th: 5.23 miles in 49:59, average pace 9:33
     This run was hard. I was tired and didn't feel like going out. But I went out and got it done. I'm pretty pleased with my pace too especially considering we had four road crossings in five miles. Those made my average pace take a hit. But I'm not about to fuss with the app on my phone while trying to cross the road. It's just not worth it. My ankle hurt around mile two but it plateaued shortly after and was bearable. All in all, I think it was a pretty successful run.

Thursday, May 8th: 3.06 miles in 28:33, average pace 9:20
     Um. Yeah. This one was fine and sucky all at the same time. When we set out for our run it was 88F with 53% humidity. So the weather was atrocious. I felt like I was going to melt from the heat. But aside from being hot it wasn't a big deal. My legs felt a little tired but not horrible. My ankle hurt some but not as much as it had on Tuesday. I didn't have anymore trouble breathing that I usually do and I'm pleased with our pace especially considering the heat. So yeah. All in all not too bad!

Saturday, May 10th: 5.37 miles in 51:01, average pace 9:29
     This was a good run. One of the best that I've had in a while actually. It felt easy-ish and my pace was really good. My ankle didn't bother me too much. It definitely hurt some but not horribley. It was a nice comfortable 60F and breezy. It was just really enjoyable. I didn't spend the whole run dying to be finished. I also was able to push the last .37 miles and those were completed at an 8:22 pace. I felt like I was flying. It was awesome!

     Bonus run: Neon Vibe 5K
     This was a fun run. It was one of those color runs where they throw colored cornstarch on you and you end up a mess. Justin and I ran it with his brother Joel and it was fun. As a run it actually went quite well. My ankle hurt from the get go which wasn't too surprising since I had already run that morning. But my legs felt fine otherwise. They weren't tired or sore or anything. Since it was a fun run they didn't time it and I didn't track this run since I wasn't about to carry my phone in all that cornstarch but it felt pretty fast. Just guessing, I'd say I think it was somewhere in the low 9 minutes per mile. It was fast but doable. We started at the front of the second wave and passed all but maybe twenty or so of the people who started ahead of us. All in all, I think it was an enjoyable run. Do I think it was worth $45 and would I do it again? Definitely not. But it was fun and easy.

Overall thoughts:
     This was a pretty good week for me.  The first couple of runs were hard but Saturday's runs were both great for me. I feel like I'm finally starting to settle in to things again. The longer runs are starting to feel doable and I'm spending less time feeling like I'm about to die. I didn't do a fantastic job getting my ankle stretches done but I did them several times throughout the week. My ankle hasn't been horrible despite me not being faithful with the stretches. I need to continue to work on that.

I was very proud of myself for going out and getting all of the runs in. Especially Thursdays run when it was 88F outside. That one would have been really easy to make an excuse for. I really really wanted to but I had just talked about how I at least needed to go out and run some every time so I pushed through it. And that one wasn't that terrible at all. I'll continue to work on that as the summer progresses. I'm sure I'll have plenty of days where I want to bail out of the training plan but I'm determined to stick with it.

In summary, I thought this was a very successful week for me on most counts. This week will be a strange one in terms of weather. Tuesday is supposed to be 80F and the high on Thursday is 54F. So it'll be an interesting week to go running!

Fort4Fitness: 23 weeks
Huff: 35 weeks

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