Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yeast Free: Week 2

I thought I'd start a habit of looking back at the week every Monday and talking about what worked for us and what didn't. Here's what we ate every night for supper In addition to our main dish we each have a salad and a mug of bone broth. This week we also each had a glass of raw milk. Each meal makes at least four servings and shows up again two days later as our lunch. This method works well for us and ensures that we always have a lunch ready for us in the morning.

Weekly Menu:
This week our snacks consisted of:
summer sausage, genova salami, cheddar cheese, popcorn with melted butter, buttered cornbread, and water kefir every night.

Mon: Tuna salad on green salad
The tuna salad was Justin's creation and he didn't follow a recipe. It was very good though. We ate it one a green salad with ranch dressing on top.

Tue: cheeseburger with tomato, lettuce, mayo & mustard
This was a simple classic cheeseburger without the bun. It was really good as always. I love hamburgers now that we've found a good source of beef. Pastured beef just tastes soooo different from typical store bought beef. It's delicious.

Wed: quinoa casserole with chicken and green beans
This was good. Not crazy flavorful but yummy. Unfortunately, it wasn't near filling enough to hold us. There wasn't enough meat mixed into it. When we ate it for lunch we were both starving within a couple of hours.

Thur: hot dogs, homemade french fries, peas
This was my birthday dinner request. The fries turned out fantastic. We (mostly) followed a very labor intensive recipe from Annie's Eats and they were worth it. I don't think I'll be making them on a regular basis though. So much fussing!

Fri: cod with lemon, garlic, and chives
This one was not good. It was actually so bad that we threw away the leftovers. It was bland and the cod was a weird mixture of dry and soggy. I don't know how to explain it. Let's just say this recipe was not a keeper.

Sat: mexican chef salad
This is one of our all time favourite recipes. We had a whole conversation about how we could happily eat this every single week especially during the summer. So I think this one might be showing up a little more often.

Sun: sausage lentil soup
This is a great recipe. We don't put chard in it. And we don't do the garlic oil drizzle at the end. But we do put romano in it. As well as some sour cream if we have it. We have another basic lentil soup recipe that we love. But this one is really filling with the sausage in it. I love it and I'm not a very big fan of sausage most of the time.

Kitchen happenings:
This week I cooked a large pot of turkey broth and used up the last of the turkey bones from Thanksgiving. We got 6 quarts of broth out of about a quarter of a turkey carcass. This will give us about 12 days worth of broth.

I also made a lot of mayo this week. Now that we're eating thousand island and ranch dressing instead of vinegar based dressings we've been going through a lot of mayo. This past week we went through several batches. Mayo making is a fairly long and involved process so I've been trying to make it in double batches. This works alright but is hard on our blender. We'll have to see how long it holds up. I'm hoping to keep it working for at least a few more months.

Weekend happenings:
This weekend we:
helped family load a moving truck
cleaned out our textbooks, accompanying folders/notebooks and reorganized the bookshelves
moved furniture around
enjoyed the all the springtime sunshine

a perfect packing job

just the recycling pile

home for my library books. and the weights.

hello sunshine!

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